Targeting innovative financial firms and studios, the office interior plays with the concept of“working in the boutique hotel”. It refers to the design of boutique hotel, takes luxury decoration and comfortable materials to create a honourable use experience. Nowadays, people tend to spend more time on their work places, for which reason these places are expected as easy and comfortable as home. So the design perfectly interprets the idea of "1 > 1 ”, more value happens when a proper space is provided.



The design of office sample section is more characteristic. The entrance of SINI-OCEAN Shinkansen office comes as a refreshing surprise, designer takes the hanging glass lamp post which makes up a three-dimensional mountain shape replace the traditional logo back wall. In the reception desk, two blocks supporting each other carry the function and artistry of the space respectively. The design forms a pure multi-functional open area while creates a relaxing and self-contained atmosphere.



In the design of the office area, the design jumps out of the traditional thinking pattern on the layout of the plan and the ingenious style, eventually a smooth and clear circulation is established as the fresh state of "running water " . In order to retain the beautiful scenery outside the window to each position as much as possible, design makes a good use of the space, forms an open and free interactive space.






Walking through the screen partition, the President's private space appears. A simple golf installation gives customers interactive experience while builds a sense of dignity. The president's table is tailored, considering a lot on its comfort and efficiency. The space combines the newest design idea, integrates the function of work, discussion, negotiation, high-level meeting, etc., so as to form a more creative working mode.



  • TITLE:Shenzhen Sino-ocean Shinkansen Office Building





    CLIENT:Sino-ocean group