Qianhai District, as the very core of Shenzhen Qianhai Region, is one of the fastest developing city in mainland China. It has been rapidly building up, whilst taking good use of its nature resources and successful experience from Hongkong and other cities along the coast, which all goals at creating a livable and sustainable coastal homeland. The district provides modern service industry, further more, the most advanced industry which is base on the coorperation with Hongkong. Taking advantage of the good location of the intervention area, Shenzhen SINO-OCEAN sales centre project is located in a place in the city where two of the main transport line almost connect. And, there is heritage conservation Chunniutang building complex, which is cultural relics under district protection. High tech talents gather here to boom the economy. With times pass by, the area bear witness to the change of a new city.



Shenzhen is an energetic city, and Qianhai is the most powerful one. The vigour affects the people, the culture and the environment, it is so-called “life-force”. For designer, interior space is the same. When people bring their noise and dream, the space, then has energy which leads to form its special characterists. Dynamic life and static space complementary and encourage each other, base on the idea, We state a complete office solution that will make the ‘life-force and future’ as a reference and meeting point in its function. 





By taking the elevator to the 5th floor, the office reception area is in sight. It is created in the shape of a circular ribbon waving in the breeze and receives every visitor in an inclusive way. It conveys the profound meaning of SINO-OCEAN group. Backdrop is embedded with green plants, bearing the bursting force of vigor and vitality. This idea reflects our heartfelt need to regain the possibility of making the public space more natural. It reflects the duty we feel, as designer, to no longer ignore the ecological damage caused by development. Under the characteristics of both function and sustainability, ecological elements should not only be a garden scence, but also should be seen indoor, and gradually, become a part of architecture or space in the future.



With regard to the color of space, the whole space are adjusted as a unified color to blur the boundaries between time and space and define the sense of extension for the space. A large area of color blocks are used to distinguish areas. Light gray arc-shaped belts divide function area into several parts, and bear the duty of diversion sign. The plane streamline extends forward logically, making the tour route clear at a glance. Royal blue carpet with white line, covers the waiting area. Unique artistic chairs and artworks are decorated, gives guests a sense of dignity. The office area arranged with dark gray carpet is efficient and quiet. The bright white public display has the characteristics of vitality and simplicity. It is a perfect unity as a whole, while at the same time, each part maintains its own scence. How to let the viewer interact with this space, we believe, is to evoke their emotional changes. Color really did a good job.









While walking around the office space, the wall was divided by arc-shaped archway, to form a sense of order and encircle an inward-looking area. All of the activities are conducted around the area. Each wall is not simple partition, but embedded with a different layer of space behind the space. Through the arched space opening to form a visual penetration. Various spaces intersected and connected, as you were in a space capsule. The model of the cabin door in the space capsule is quoted here. It inherits the sense of the times of high-tech enterprises and plays a transitional role. With the soft light belt, the space seems to breathe, makes people gain strength in spirit. The working form breaks the traditional grid interval, which makes innovative changes to the layout. The seats are not arranged closely, in fact, the scope of personal use is expanded as much as possible. Among them, the workbench simulates growing plant’s root, builds among the ground, connecting the four demands of users for health, leisure, social contact and comfort.







A space belongs to an enterprise, and an enterprise is a kind of culture. It keeps growing up and brings a kind of spiritual strength to the visitors, implying a higher pursuit of the enterprise. We use the open office space to reshape the traditional daily work: open area for centralized discussion, enclosed space to create chance and rapid cooperation, desktop for personal free creation and deep thinking, further moreaccurately grasp the balance between the rigid needs of efficient office and daily psychological sense. Design, nowadays, concerning the exploitation , constrction, use and supervision of the internet and to build a new type of office space for the concept of a model highlights the international office space and the new benchmark, this is also what we are doing.






  • TITLE:Shenzhen Sino-ocean Longchuangtang Office Creative Model Room




    PERIOD:Under Construction

    CLIENT:Sino-ocean group